the struggle

It was a quiet morning.
no hums  in sight
no gruesome dream
no lover’s delight

a smell of warm
a touch of white
the sun’s so bright
no stars to shine

a feel of wind
a strangely sound
my feet got cold
my eyes were stunned

it came around
my teeth were clutched
my hands got wet
a horror sight

fingers were froze
breath was of ice
heart beat faster
I was getting numb

the it to come
a shallow heart
a future dream
of times to come

I woke five times
I moved around
sweat was now common
the scream was loud

the door unlocked
the ceiling white
fear got a hold
my mind drifted apart

was time to realise
I had no time
I had no movement
I had no life

my heart felt fright
all darkness ’round
force to come
was no delight

I shouted with no sound
I couldn’t move a pound
I was lifted up
then put back down

the cold got colder
the mind got tighter
the levels were rising
it gotten uprising

the light came around
the warmness so bright
tingles in my fingers
like a flea bite

remains the struggle
the idea to overcome
the scream to be shout
the it to be put down

the nighmare - john henry fuseli

The Nightmare - John Henry Fuseli


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