the day we kill the spirit

have u ever had that feeling that u we’re killing your chances before even starting?? what the hell is wrong with people?? whats with us we are so difficult and we don’t care sometimes what happens to us?? why do we always try to impress the others?? never impress myself…never give all the best for me….for my heart…for my body!!! where did we ever go wrong?? where did i go wrong in building my chance in this world?? will i find out?? cause i need it!! i need to rectify everything, or almost everything!! yes u are important!! but what about me?? where do i fit in your little portrait?? cause i haven’t figure that out!! and stop pushing for more when there is nothing to get out of it!!! stop trying to be better than your friends!!this is not your work on this freakin’ planet!!! its not all about impressing!!! sometimes i feel like im the only one. sometimes i feel like i could break and nobody will ever notice!!! stupid feeling!!! I’m not alone in this world!! not as long as i have something to say!!! time says it all!!! only the strong survive?? well i sure hope so!! the weak don’t have a place here!! like in the animal kingdom: the old and weak don’t have a place!! and if u think the weak make u strong then u have to admit it to yourself you’re not to bright!!! u cant make those compensation.  stop it!! maybe there are days when u think u could just lay down and die….think twice, nothing is as black as it looks!! there’s always hope and with wisdom u can always make it!! i don’t like to think as myself as a hatebell person or that i can hate….its not helpful….sinful as ONE would say….though there’s nothing in this world to feel sinful for!! as long as u don’t hurt others….nothing is worthy of sinful comparison…. live now cause theres nothing beyond….here is all the mystery u need!! here and now is your chance to prove something for yourself!!! for you and nobody else!! long live your true friends!!! long live your spirit!! live free and untouched!!!


3 thoughts on “the day we kill the spirit

  1. apropo de faptul ca cei slabi nu au ce cauta in aceasta lume, cica se mai spune ca viata nu e pentru cei puternici, ci pentru cei care stiu sa se adapteze la mediu.. 😉 think about it!

  2. asta cu adaptabilitatea la mediu e discutabila…omul nu prea se adapteaza….el schimba totul in jurul lui, sau cel putin incearca sa schimbe totul, asta e diferenta intre noi si animale, noi nu ne stim adapta la mediu, sau cel putin nu asa de repede cat ar trebui. asta e luata putin si din matrix: conform lui agent smith suntem un virus pe planeta asta petru ca suntem singuri care trebuie sa strice natura sa poata supravietui. casa in padure la mii de oameni nu poti face . 🙂

  3. 🙂 ba te poti adapta, insa incapatanarea trebuie sa dispara cu desavarsire…. si nu uita: omul e animal si el… considerat superior.. mi se pare ca te poti adapta, insa depinde cat de mult lasi de la tine… pentru mine a te adapta nu este echivalent cu a te schimba.. doar cauti situatiile favorabile, sau cel putin cauti sa le creezi, daca nu exista.

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