Have u ever disliked a Friday so much u would wanted out of the calendar?? Today is a no-day for me….theres no Friday and i’m lost in this empty space until Saturday…who should i thank for this? who?? i’m still wandering…..


6 thoughts on “dislike

  1. If all days should be like friday :).

    I percept this day like the begining of real life. During the week I work for money(I’m a slave of the sistem), but in the weekend…I live my life

    So…for me, friday is the begining!

  2. chill .. life is frumoasa si cu bune si rele… si oricat de rau ti s-ar parea ca este azi.. dupa un somn bun de vreo 12-14 ore ai sa vezi lumea cu alti ochii.. nu fii trista .. o viata ai si pe aia sa o traiesti cu tristeti ? da-le la naiba.. zii si tu ca si mine : da pai cat mi-o merge rau ? tre sa vina si bine 🙂

    so chill .. vine primavara 😀 si varaaa.. si ma opresc aici :)))

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