Shake it out, Tighten up, Pumped Up Kicks


i like these ones. first time heard on SNL.



the last of these days

my year in songs

Inùtil este hombre
El que no sabe
Inùtil mi nombre
Si no te lo acuerdas

But I don’t need no brand new lies, listen up

It will grow back like a Starfish!

Soft, soft or cruel
Can’t we change our minds?
We kill what we build
Because we own the sky

There may come a time, a time in everyone’s life
Where nothing seems to go your way
Where nothing seems to turn out right
There may come a time, you just cant seem to find your way
For every door you walk on to, seems like they get slammed in your face

The creature in the sky
Got sucked in a hole
Now there’s a hole in the sky
And the ground’s not cold
And if the ground’s not cold
Everything is gonna burn
We’ll all take turns
I’ll get mine, too

Don’t wanna lose you, don’t wanna lose,
Don’t wanna lose you, don’t wanna lose.
I never knew you, I never knew,
I never knew you, I never knew.

Home is where I want to be
Pick me up and turn me round
I feel numb – born with a weak heart
I guess I must be having fun

Through the alleyways

Through the alleyways 
To cool off in the shadows 
Then into the street 
Following the water 
There’s a bearded man 
Paddling in his canoe 
Looks as if he has 
Come all the way from the Cayman Islands 

These canals, it seems 
They all go in circles 
Places look the same, 
And we’re the only difference 
The wind is in your hair 
It’s covering my view 
I’m holding on to you 
On a bike we’ve hired until tomorrow 

If only they could see
If only they had been here 
They would understand 
How someone could have chosen 
To go the length I’ve gone
To spend just one day riding 
Holding on to you
I never thought it would be this clear 


Usually I’m not very fond of these kind of songs, but this just melts my soul. I guess it’s all about the context.

so dry away the tears

lay aside your fears

no more pain for my love

i am here

now go to sleep