bright light

bright light
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“I never knew daylight could be so violent”


random ones

My birthday took two days to develop, and that’s a good thing, cause I love 48 hour birthdays. I got cool gifts and the best cake a person can wish for.  I bought myself a Hobermans sphere which I can’t put down now.  I almost took it to work, but then again, no. Today, found myself obsessing over this one song, that i think everybody’s over with, but me, just getting the hang of it.  So i’m hitting play again, yes! Cheers!


first day of spring

is it here yet? though, honest to say, spring is not entirely my favorite of the seasons, it is good to have the sun more on the shines. i loved this winter.  it must have been one of the greatest winters ever.  now i await the new days of warmth to come our lands. 

brightness come

brightness come



I’m telling you tomorrow doesn’t exist. it just doesn’t. but how do you get a Wednesday then? not the 29, but the normal march Wednesday? you just don’t.

supposed to lie