august 2009


  1. 01.08 zambeste…esti cel mai frumos asha
  2. 03.08 i guess we’ll just have to smile
  3. 04.08 u think you’re a genius?? wait till u hear what i think….:D *simt*
  4. 05.08 the beat….the rhythm…….you……dont have a clue
  5. 06.08 i never meant ….and i lost my head
  6. 07.08 it’s a little tricky this 1….2….
  7. 10.08 i miss it so much
  8. 11.08  suave me mata su ritmo
  9. 12.08 i got tangled in all this science
  10. 13.08 glorious morning thy warmness come~~the struggle~~
  11. 14.08 its not me VS u, rather me AND u! 😀
  12. 17.08 when i look into your eyes
  13. 17.08 (2) bloody monday
  14. 18.08 eat your veggies
  15. 19.08 going nuts over healthy
  16. 20.08 go slow, homey
  17. 21.08 where there’s no time there’s no life
  18. 24.08 naturally surely obviously….i forgot….
  19. 25.08 they banished the burning on the stick, therefore we are here to stay
  20. 26.08 hanging high
  21. 27.08 let your heart be heard, let your dreams fulfill, let your TIME not pass u by, let your love unleash, let your steps carry u, all it takes is will and power.
  22. 28.08 i could dance with u forever and more….in the wetness of hell or the hotness of heaven!!
  23. 30.08 daca dragostea e oarba, trebuie sa pipai!
  24. 31.08 beautiful day without me

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