ianuarie 2011



ianuarie 2011

  1. 04.01 this is just a story…
  2. 05.01 i think they took the sun, i havent seen it in 2 days
  3. 06.01 all is well on the eastern front
  4. 07.01 can i just say its friday? can i please?
  5. 11.01 this weather’s a killer
  6. 12.01 tout doucement sans faire de bruit!
  7. 13.01 heart beats and not the usual ones
  8. 17.01 i’d love some gummy bears!
  9. 18.01 ca o lingurita de zahar pe stomacul gol, intr-o zi de dimineata
  10. 19.01 It may be hard to believe, but there have been strange things happening in these woods. It all started when this strange fog appeared….
  11. 20.01 when they saw this fairly snow, they rushed to the gods with praise..
  12. 21.01 de atata zapada nu vad ceata…sau de ceata nu vad zapada?
  13. 24.01 i dont like ugly hats on ugly people!
  14. 25.01 “Un singur rând mi-e rază şi putere:o, stelelor nici voi n-aveţiîn drumul vostru nici o ţintă,dar poate tocmai de aceea cuceriţi nemărginirea.” L.B.
  15. 26.01 bee monsters!
  16. 27.01 solitary brother…
  17. 28.01 back to the future!
  18. 31.01 “say what you mean, mean what you’re thinking, and think anything. “



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