Ianuarie 2013

ianuarie 2013


  1. 07.01 long day
  2. 08.01 this…no!
  3. 09.01  ARTHUR: Bad luck, Skip. Not your day.  MARTIN: Not my life.
  4. 10.01 Yes, but Douglas is the better pilot on board. You do see how “better” trumps “senior”, don’t you?
  5. 11.01 it’s not a hat, it’s a crime!
  6. 14.01 the ongoing question “what for?”
  7. 18.01 The consultive T-rex!
  8. 21.01 you.now.
  9. 24.01 how….??? mind blown…
  10. 28.01 when in doubt…well i dont know, pick up a encyclopedia!
  11. 30.01 “-We got thrown out of a taxi and now I’m up a tree. – Gosh. Quite a powerful throw.”

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