iunie 2012



  1. 01.06 today: queue!
  2. 06.06 consulting out the detective!
  3. 07.06 you know that company that shares a fruit name and a color? it’s sh*ty man!
  4. when in World, do as the People!
  5. 08.06 cold blood
  6. 13.06.”…I was forced to do away with democracy roughly a thousand years ago because it was endangering my empire.”
  7. 14.06  1. Whilst on an alien planet do not take your helmet/suit off. 2. Do not engage/touch the alien creature you encounter. 3. If you complied with the rules above, you might still get your body infested with alien DNA when your android fixes you a drink.
  8. 25.06 Dear screen story writers, please stop skewing up with alien movies. I’m looking at you “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Prometheus” writers. You’re ruining my expectations.
  9. 28.06 “[…] and I’m not letting you off WATER!! 2 hydrogens, 1 oxygen, I will not stand for your freaky molecular three way!” Steven Colbert *sarcasm*

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