noiembrie 2010



  1. 01.11 da-i omului un sceptru, si-i va verifica diamantele
  2. 02.11 im the best thing that ever happend to me!
  3. 03.11 over here and everywhere~
  4. 04.11 guns dont kill people, people with guns kill people.
  5. 08.11 what a day to be a day!
  6. 09.11 i finally get it!
  7. 10.11 we’re scavenging those we kill for our own benefit!
  8. 11.11 its all like in a dream…but u never wake up…
  9. 12.11 IDEM
  10. 15.11 will u try building that matrix better this time, DR?
  11. 16.11 idem
  12. 17.11 you’re not here to warm the sun nor the earth
  13. 18.11 stim ce-i aia iasomie?
  14. 19.11 u have a dollar, u go to the dollar store and buy something else!
  15. 22.11 theres no such things as ghosts, theres no such things as ghosts!
  16. 23.11 joyful living…bhaaaa
  17. 26.11 si ne vom urca cat mai sus sa strigam…
  18. 30.11 god.damn it.


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