noiembrie 2009


    1. 02.11 Viitorul depinde de visele tale. Nu pierde timpul, du-te şi te culcă!
    2. 03.11 im hungry fot the summers sun!
    3. 04.11 regreso mi allegria :D 😀 tengo sol!!
    4. 04.11(2) when life gives u lemons, throw them at people with expensive cars!!
    5. 05.11 ma angels will always defeat ya demons!
    6. 06.11 do u see what i see?? do u hear what i hear?? do u feel what i feel?? cant stop sleeping awake
    7. 06.11 (2) halfanimal, halfamazing
    8. 09.11 pretty days are like an eternal lie
    9. 10.11 fast and furious….really now….
    10. 11.11 1000 de ganduri….1000 de vorbe…..1 suflet
    11. 12.11 soo many books….sooo little time
    12. 13.11 have u ever noticed that 1 is the greatest?
    13. 16.11 u gotta be crazyy!!
    14. 17.11 de maine azi va deveni ieri!azi mananc biscuiti pe tastatura.
    15. 18.11 we have arrived here not just to depart!
    16. 19.11 parfois j’aimerais mourir pour plus jamais te voir
    17. 20.11 high
    18. 20.11(2) pirates ahead!!! ;)
    19. 23.11 beautiful day without me
    20. 24.11 lets open our eyes to a brand new day
    21. 25.11 A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
    22. 26.11 ca i go home?? of course u can!! what kind of a question is that??
    23. 27.11 u gotta be crazy!!!

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