Septembrie 2012

Septembrie  2012


  1. 03.09 sorry i can’t hear you over the sound of how “fantastic” this Monday is.
  2. 04.09 literally? LITERALLY a million years?”
  3. 05.09 a cure for boredom.
  4. 06.09 breathing? Breathing’s boring!!
  5. 07.09 you can’t choose what stays and what fades away
  6. 13.09 just so.
  7. 14.09 *curse word not found*
  8. 17.09 Umbrellas are cool!
  9. 18.09 Don’t even…no!  Tuesday?? but yesterday was Tuesday too!
  10. 19.09 Giant flying burning marshmallows! and i aint even high!
  11. 20.09 It doesn’t look like we’ll be landing until the last syllable of recorded time.
  12. 21.09 Don’t panic!
  13. 25.09 The Universe Is Old (Really Old)
  14. 26.09 “Everybody loves me” Yeah its a song lyric and not a statement!
  15. 28.09 No, but seriously brain, what the hell?

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