martie 2012



  1. 01.03 oh tea though art a noble beverage!
  2. 02.03 the most glorious of them all!!
  3. 05.03 remember the darkness?!? it’s bright now!
  4. 06.03 count to 10!
  5. 07.03 i can’t express…i can’t…ohhghh
  6. 08.03 fly me to the moon…
  7. 19.03 well i was to the moon al right, and it was damn hot!!
  8. 20.03 hello spring!
  9. 22.03 breathing?!?breathing is boring!!
  10. 23.03 “Pockets full of stones”
  11. 26.03 Mondoshawan: Time not important. Only life important. 
  12. 27.03 And now all your love will be exorcised
    And we will find your sayings to be paradox
    And it’s an even sum
    It’s a melody
    It’s a final cry
    It’s a symphony
  13. 29.03 why would you do that?!? why?
  14. 30.03 uncanny

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