octombrie 2009


  1. 05.10 si s-a intamplat inevitabilul…damm this network administrators
  2. 06.10 “viata-i muzica, n-alege sa fi surd”
  3. 06.10 my chocolate-milk-sugary coffee….. SIMPLY GREAT!!
  4. 07.10 they made me sleep and dream of you planning to kill someone
  5. 07.10 (2) un sandwich hands-free se poate?????
  6. 08.10 words can never make up for what you do…dance dance dance…
  7. 08.10(2) mai intai te impaneaza cu catetere si apoi iti baga curent!!
  8. 09.10 “Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.”
  9. 12.10 beautiful day without me BRING ON THE MADNESS!!!
  10. 13.10 Iar noua vieti de-as avea
    Le-as da pe-o vara
  11. 14.10 se me fue 😦
  12. 15.10 i screamed seeing the devil….u we’re playing darts with toy planes….she was watching a horror…morning came fast….
  13. 16.10 llego superman!! 😀
  14. 16.10 (2) kisses to the crazy
  15. 19.10 there’s no my everything, my everyone, my everywhere…there’s u and me….we’re for each other to love and adore…
  16. 19.10 (2) Timpul este cel mai bun profesor. Din păcate îşi omoară toţi elevii.
  17. 20.10 pleasure and pain…desire and despair…
  18. 20.10 (2) May the circle be open and remain unbroken,
    May the circle be open and forever in your heart.
    Merry Meet, and Merry Part, till Merry we Meet again!
  19. 21.10 and for a moment i was upside down…saw the floor…didn’t fall….landed on my feet…lets do that again
  20. 22.10 when there’s no straight answer…bend the reality instead
  21. 23.10 123 567 ayy
  22. 23.10 (2) after all…you’re my wonderwall…:D
  23. 26.10 a man for a tree
  24. 27.10 nature will take its revenge on us
  25. 28.10 la multi ani a mi belle!
  26. 29.10 nothing comes easy….. it takes much practice
  27. 29.10 (2) citez “sunt doua specii pe pamant: femei si barbati!!nu mai ascultati de barbati, pentru ca barbatii sunt…….” 🙂
  28. 30.10 i dont know how this is, but things u’ve talked/dreamed/wished about happen 😀
  29. 30 .10(2) chan chan 😀
  30. 31.10 1408 …all over again!

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