septembrie 2010



  1. 01.09 there are some things i dont know, somethings i dont get and somethings i dont wanna know and dont wanna get
  2. 02.09 everyday is another day
  3. 03.09 they cant make u fly, good thing u landed though
  4. 07.09 respira adanc cand nu zambesti.
  5. 08.09 perfecting time acceleration program!
  6. 09.09 Is it soo that only when theres rain we remember the sunny days!?
  7. 10.09 dont u just love the undead? they know what they want!
  8. 13.09 Mneziac
  9. 14.09 back to mnemonity!
  10. 15.09 long long time, i can still remember!
  11. 16.09 like they used to say in Downville: today is not yesterday
  12. 17.09 Stop waiting on something! Its not like its going to be yesterday again
  13. 20.09 visez la o saptamana cu o sambata in fiecare zi
  14. 21.09 dlllike
  15. 22.09 “You’ve been stopped being here in the world  You’re in a different place, a place where human life has no meaning.”
  16. 23.09 always dreaming of the spaceman!
  17. 24.09 this is not mission difficult, it is mission impossible!
  18. 27.09 And knowing all the time That You Were Meant for something better. Feeling it. Wanting it.
  19. 28.09 on with the voyage, on with the dreams
  20. 29.09 ive got sugar on my hands
  21. 30.09 splitting the atom


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