septembrie 2011


  1. 01.09″…Why hast thou forsaken me, o deity whose existence I doubt…”
  2. 05.09 “when im dead who cares…i dont” Freddie Mercury
  3. 06.09 sunday was a bright day
  4. 07.09 WE OWN THE SKY!
  5. 20.09 “You’d hit particulate soil in a colloidal suspension.”
  6. 21.09 fire with fire
  7. 22.09 silver hype
  8. 23.09 oh no they didnt
  9. 26.09… and close that damn window…
  10. 27.09 “if you saw spaceships would you fear them?”
  11. 28.09 Dupa melci
  12. 29.09″ i dont get it!! a dolphin might!”
  13. 30.09 a stranger in a strange land

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