April is here!

Time flies when you’re sitting down!

Notes to self:  

  • do start making more notes. The ones that you make are not enough.
  • finish your books!
  • get audio books if not complying with note 2.
  • buy socks
  • buy more socks
  • stop buying books
  • no more setlock!

what i’ve been doing lately

Well well well…i haven’t posted in a while, nothing much to say really. I’m pretty much fascinated by other peoples information on their blogs to find any time to write on my own.

Soo here goes some random stuff that’s going on.

As of late i’m trying to finish all the books i’ve started reading last year. I don’t know what was i thinking when i started 5. Crazy, i know. But one at a time i’ll finish them, probably.  With all the TVshows running around i’m caught up in a lot of them.

This winter i had a song stuck in my head. I really love it. But i shouldn’t listen to it anymore now, as i will eventually get fed up with it.  It’s this one.

After the Globes i started watching the movies that were nominated, and by far my favourite were Django Unchained and Cloud Atlas. The least favourite one (soo that i wont say “worst”) was Les Miserables. I know, i know, all the actors, and what not, but i thought it will never end,  it was a awful experience for me to watch it. It didn’t give me any feeling for France, or Revolution or anything really. Just a bunch of actors singing all day long. Awful i tell you.

I’m looking forward in seeing the new episodes of Doctor Who when it returns in April and the new Star Trek movie in May.  This is going to be one good year, yes. I still can’t believe i haven’t seen Lawless yet. I got to remedy that asap.

That was the randomness.

I can’t believe that January is over, just wait a second more and 6 more months will pass just like that.

Cheers guys.